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  • 地址:上海浦东新区仁庆路279号
    联系:张莲文  李富同
    移动:15021210428 18116129325

  •     鹏睿检测技术(上海)有限公司是国家许可开展第三方检验测试的独立单位,是独立承担法律责任第三方质量检验构。 

        公司成立于2013年, 由来自资深的EMC专家学者投资组建而成,采用市场机制,组建研发检测资源共享平台,更好的支持企业的技术研发,试验测试能力,技术服务实力很大提升。

            l  拥有一个电磁兼容与可靠性工程技术研究中心
            l  一个全国性检测行业资源运营平台:中国第三方检测资源网 http://www.testlabs.cn  
            l  多位全国电磁兼容标准化技术委员会委员 | 一位全国无线电电磁兼容标准化技术委员会委员

        TestReal Quality Testing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in 2003 by the EMC experts  in order to better support R&D activities for Multi-national Company and R&D centers located in Shanghai, TestReal Co. established test and measurement resource share platform. 

            TestReal Co. Owns EMC/Safety/Reliability/Electric Appliance and one Power Industry Testing Lab to conduct testing and certification service. It is now conducting  business on the following aspects: CCC certification agency, voluntary certification by CQC, PSE certification, IECEE-CB report, CE test, Auto EMC & Reliability Testing, domestic marketing spot-check, commission test, arbitration test, evaluation of scientific and technology achievements. We also have good relationship with our partners, such as some well-known certification bodies at Europe, United-States , Asia etc.

     The lab is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment such as: 3 &10-meter anechoic chamber, EMI receiver, full EMS and EMI test system digital-type electric vibration plane, large scale environment experiment cabinet, high-low temperature alternate chamber and physico-chemical analysis system . All of these can provide our customs precise measurement and test result.

             There are about 600 square meter for test area.

             We have Strong technical capacity,  about 20 staff, professional and technical personnel accounting for more than 85%, includes  of 1 professor-level senior engineer 4 senior engineers,10 engineers,1senior technician,1 technicians and assistants.

             Our Business Scope (Testing & Certification) including


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